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Excerpt: The Ugly Truth About Beauty

I have permission from AMACOM Books to distribute an excerpt from the new book "Looks: Why They Matter More Than You Ever Imagined" by sociologist Dr. Gordon Patzer, who has investigated "lookism" for more than 30 years.

Citing research from fellow scientists, as well as real world examples, Dr. Patzer examines the truth about beauty: attractive people of both sexes have advantages in most areas of life. It happens everywhere, from the workplace to the courtroom to political elections, and even in the classroom.

In "Looks," Dr. Patzer suggests ways for us to alter our perception, including tips for parents to break the cycle with their children.

The excerpt I'm distributing is entitled "The Pretty Presidents." It deals with voters' perceptions of physical attractiveness in candidates, especially in Presidential campaigns.

The excerpt from "Looks" is located at the following URL, or I'll send a text-only version upon request.


AuthorViews: Authors Making News


Isn't interesting how the Republicans are scrambling and stepping all over each other to prove who is the most conservative?  Yet, on the other side, there's never any talk about who is the most liberal.  Obama, for example, was rated the most liberal member of the US Senate, yet you don't hear him bragging about it like McCain would do if he had been the most conservative.  If Democrats believe in how they vote, why don't they embrace the "liberal" label and trumpet it?  Why is it a dirty word for both parties?  I, for example, am proud to be conservative and will never fight that label.  How many people -- especially politicians -- would say they are proud to be a liberal?  Thoughts.....?

Obama in Somali robes

I saw the picture of Obama yesterday that HRC's campaign supposedly leaked to the Drudge Report.  Other than being pretty humorous, I honestly don't know what the big deal is.  If someone is trying to play up the widely disproved rumor that he is Islamic, or whatever, it's pretty futile.  It's not like the old Dukakis-in-the-Tank picture where the photo was made intentionally to put out a certain image -- and it failed miserably!  This is just a picture that almost every Senator and President, and many Congressmen have -- they go overseas to a country that still holds on to some of its customs and garb, and they don the same clothing while they are there.  Politically, I think it just goes to show how desperate HRC's campaign really is.  And no one there, by the way, denied that they posted it.  I'm not a fan of Obama -- or HRC for that matter -- but he has done a great job of campaigning with  more class than is usually seen in a campaign.  There's nothing like making a candidate look like a victim to garner some sympathy votes.  Stupid move, Hillary.

Welcome to POTUS 2008

Whether you are a Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, liberal, conservative or something else -- you're welcome here.  Whether you back McCain, Huckabee, Paul, Nader, Clinton, Obama or Edwards -- you're welcome here.

The only criteria for joining this community is that you have a brain and know how to use it.  More particularly, that you know how to use your brain without resorting to profanity, crude language, juvenile name calling, and idiotic insults.  It can get heated -- that's okay.  Politics is all about passion.  Just act like a reasonable adult.

We've got 9 months left until the general election, so let's have some fun with it.

What did you think of the picture of Obama that Hillary's campaign supposedly leaked?  How about McCain's comment that if he can't convince people that national security is a major issue that he'll lose?  What about Hillary's rant about the fliers Obama has distributed?  Or the NY Times article about McCain and a lobbyist?  And all this is just in one weeks' time!